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Nuances of PAYTM

The advantage of modern-day apps is that they have been stepping their game up and making daily things for us available at our fingertips. Available for all operating systems, these programming marvels can be enjoyed at any smartphone or PC. One of these apps, an extremely essential app by today's standards, especially after the demonetization in India, is the Paytm app. This app offers a completely different experience to make secure online transactions anywhere and anytime in the world. Let us dive a little deeper and explore more of the capabilities of this application.

What is PAYTM?

Paytm is a cross-platform Indian-based application, which has been designed with perfection to handle all the important and secure transactions that can be made from anywhere, to anywhere and anytime. Being a cross-platform application, both the Android and iOS users can get an equal share of the entire features of this application. Based on Delhi NCR, India, this app was developed by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in the year 2010. After its development, the app soon started spreading out but it took its time since, at that, most of the small transactions would be carried through cash, credit and debit cards and checks or through Demand Drafts, for larger payments. NEFT and RTGS were reserved for big transactions online as well. With the development of Paytm, where the transactions are 128-bit encrypted, people started paying electrical bills and telephone bills online without having to literally walk out in the sun or rain to make the payment, not to forget, skipping the queue.

Why use PAYTM?

Already mentioned about the convenience of the Paytm, if the reasons are not convincing enough, there is more one can do with this app than just pay electric bills and recharge mobile bills. People have become lazy, to be honest, and the idea of going out to pay bills in the sultry afternoon pisses them off more than anything. But give them this application and an AC environment; they will make endless bill payments no matter how much the cost is. Gone are those days when you run short of balance to call your parents and loved ones and you spend one entire evening looking for a recharge shop. All you need is a proper internet connection and a debit or a credit card to get your job done securely and in a flash.

The debit and credit cards are stored as well after the first time you use them to save the monotonous procedure of including your card details everything you want your phone to be recharged quickly and hassle-free. The fact that you even have the option to save all your transactions will provide you with more reasons to download it right away. To the users' delight, there is a wallet limit that can be upgraded for free by just providing the Aadhar Card details of the concerned person. All the transaction histories are also saved, providing the user with the exact details of the transactions made on Paytm, which will give the user a perfect insight as to where they have spent their money on. Even if these aren’t convincing enough, there is more than this that will definitely make you want to use Paytm immediately. Read on to find out more about it.

Features of PAYTM

The limit of Paytm is not restricted to just making secure payments to clear bills or recharge your phones. Here is a rundown of all the things that it is capable of.

  • Worldwide Merchant: Paytm has officially announced that their applications have been made available to over 15lakh merchants online that accepts cash through the application, so that people can take full advantage of paying more securely sitting in their homes, thus saving a lot of work and effort.

  • Massive Discounts: One of the most tempting advantages of using Paytm is the massive number of discounts that are available to every user so that they can get an equal share of rebate and happiness. There is no VIP system, offering more to them if they pay more and hence, there is no discrimination.

  • Paytm Mall: Paytm has launched its own shopping mall facility, where the customers can browse through a host of items in different categories from gadgets to clothes and almost every other thing you can think of. Clubbed with various offers and deals, things do not get sweeter than this.

  • Secure Payments: Already mentioned that Paytm is one of the few applications that offer full 128-bit encrypted payment gateways that are hassle-free and are absolutely safe to use. The separate window and the OTP provided immediately is an excellent way to make safe payments.

  • 0% transfer fee: Due to the demonetization, a lot of shopkeepers have been using this application to receive fees due to the lack of notes. Paytm has been charging a 0% fee to transfer the amount in the Paytm wallet to the corresponding bank account of the shopkeeper, ensuring full payment and maximum profit. This offer was only till the 31st of January 2017. However, the CEO has also promised to roll out the new Paytm Payments Bank which will allow the user to transfer funds at 0% fee to their bank accounts throughout their lives.

  • Misc. Features: Coming to the best part of this application, Paytm is capable of booking movie tickets, flight and train tickets, hotels and even buying groceries. Other essentials like clothes and electronic gadgets can also be purchased with massive discounts on every deal, giving the customers full liberty to spend their money in the best possible way. Need to transfer money to your friend in need? Paytm can take care of it easily.  

It is quite certain that this tiny app is capable of packing a massive punch. In order to sum up, let us take a look at one of the many real incidents where Paytm saved a person from a tinge of embarrassment.

After having sumptuous dinner at a restaurant, the bill crossed Rs. 2000. The person concerned did not carry that amount of cash but knew that his debit card will save him. However, to his amazement, the card machine was not accepting the card due to a server error and the person was in a deep fix. His partner wanted to pay for them, but that was not acceptable to him, all the more since it was Valentine’s Day. And then Paytm stepped in, and with a quick QR Code scan, the person easily transacted the required amount to the Paytm account of the restaurant, and this is how Paytm saved the day for him.

This was one of the many such stories where Paytm has stepped in and made things easier for people. Download it now and enjoy a clean and hassle-free mode of paying online.




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