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Importance of Solar Energy

One of the most prolific inventions is the Solar Panel which can be used to create electricity in the most natural way possible. Saving all the artificial electricity by building big transformers and investing a lot of money, we have managed to harness the power of the sun to deliver electricity at most of the homes, where building a transformer would not have been possible. All done and dusted, in this article, we will talk about some of the nuances and lesser-known facts of solar energy, how it works and some of the prospects.

Solar Energy is one of the most powerful forms of energy that we can harness with the help of solar panels. It is said that an hour of intense sunlight converted into solar energy can power the entire world for a year! The principal or working theory is quite simple. Read on to know more.

Photovoltaic Cells’ or PV Cells is the centre of the conversion here. It is a grid-like structure which has the potential to store the solar energy, coming directly from the sunlight. These PV cells are capable of generating massive amounts of power, depending on the size of the Solar Panel grid. One PV cell is capable of generating up to 2 Watts of power.

A solar panel consists of many PV cells in a single build. The more the number of cells, the more energy it can store and dissipate. The material used in these cells is known as Photovoltaic material, which has the property of converting the solar energy to electricity. Another important feature is the versatility of these PV cells. The structure is modular and hence it gives the liberty to the makers to craft and builds them for any specific purpose, thus making it extremely efficient too. Since these cells absorb and work with the rays of the sun, the efficiency is maximum when compared to the artificial sources of electricity, where you would need at least one external source.

How do the PV cells power the devices?

  • The PV cells are generally placed on a fixed spot, either at the roof of a building (for domestic purposes) or at a large stretch of field (for industrial purposes), where it receives the direct sunlight.

  • The inverters then come into play, converting the DC energy into AC power, so that it can be used for domestic purposes in a more efficient manner.

  • After the current gets converted, the electricity is stored into the batteries of the devices which then powers all the connected devices individually, making it neat and safe for all to function properly, without the need of a stabilizer.

The excess energy can then either be stored or can be sold to the electricity grid for re-usability purposes.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  1. Re-usable Energy Source: Solar Energy is a renewable source of energy, which means that we will never be able to run out of it, unlike the natural gases. Unless you are reading this in 5 billion years from now, our sun will not betray us, but by then, we will most likely colonize some other solar system.

  2. Low Electricity Bills: One of the primary and important advantages are the low electricity bills. Yes, it does require an expensive upfront cost to set up, but that is it. Once you realize the long-term gains, it is completely worth the initial setup cost.

  3. Low Maintenance Costs: As mentioned previously, once the initial setup is done, the long-term gains for solar energy is massive. The low maintenance costs are an added benefit compared to artificial electricity, which does not depend on the natural sources of light. Reliable Solar Panel manufacturers provide more than 15 years of warranty. The annual cleaning costs is a paltry amount compared to the other sources (mere $40-$50).

  4. Diverse Applications: Probably the most important advantage of using Solar energy is the various applications where it can be used. Starting from houses, street lamps, industrial purposes to even cars, the Sun does prove to be useful. It is just a matter of time before the automobile industry starts mounting solar panels to power the entire car.

Fun-fact: Lightyear One is the first solar-powered car that you can buy!

The rate at which we are exhausting our natural gases and minerals is alarming for the planet. While we might have water for a few thousand years more, thanks to the land to water ratio, gases cannot sustain themselves. The greenhouse effect and global warming go hand-to-hand and will obliterate the planet if we do not take measures NOW. Solar Energy is just one way to harness a natural cosmos to power our needs. If we can find ways to harness more of renewable natural resources, Earth will be a happy planet.




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